By F. Anglana, C. Oliva, S. Ronca,
M. Brambilla e L. Siliprandi

CoAuthors: J.Abdulcadir, M. Angelucci, G. Bernabei, L. Catania, E. Fasola, F. Frascani, P. Inghirami, P. Lippa, A. Lusi, F. Murina, M. Nuwayhid, S. Piccolo, R. Senatori, A. Trivisonno

Explaining to Friends Franco Anglana and Serena Ronca my satisfaction, finally had, as Roberto Pistilli writes: "Speaking of Anatomical Dissection, I hope that with this project idea of ​​the Nicodemo Maggiulli Editor we can present the Paper and Video tools to be able to satisfy it". The work was born: Anatomy and Plastic-Aesthetic Treatment of the Vulva.
, born on the initiative of Doctors: Gynecologists, Plastic Surgeons, Urologists, Dermatologists, Aesthetic Doctors... who felt the need to put together their decades of experience as Professionals dedicated to solving the problems inherent to the Vulva, is pleased to present the first Text / Atlas AIGEF, where all the problems concerning the female external genitalia (large and small lips, vestibule, clitoris, etc ...) that the patients present at the time of the visit are reviewed, and then accompany us in the therapeutic path, both both medical and surgical, starting from the assumption of an excellent knowledge of Anatomy.
The treatment of Anatomy is accompanied by numerous images, including dissections for in-depth knowledge, aimed at directing therapies and preventing complications. In fact, there is no personal growth without the knowledge of Anatomy, which after being memorized in books must be internalized by seeing it live, seeing the difficulties encountered by the operator.

From the introduction: "Functional Anatomy refers to the application of anatomical knowledge to Medicine and Surgery".

Each Doctor and Surgeon who approaches the study of Anatomy can thus understand how particular Anatomical Features are then the basis that will condition the choice of a particular Pharmacological Therapy or a particular Surgical Intervention.

For each part of the anatomy of the Vulva, therefore, whether it refers to Major Lips, Minor Lips, Clitoris, etc. the reader will find sub-chapters where, in didactic ways, the most important and significant Medical Therapies and Surgical Techniques will be illustrated.

The main physical techniques (Laser Therapy, Radiofrequency) will be presented in the appendix; topical therapies (aimed at Atrophy); infiltrative therapies (Hyaluronic Acid); Regenerative Medicine; Pharmacological therapy, and what is necessary to "solve the problem", all to improve the functional and aesthetic aspects of the organ.

The work is addressed to all Gynecologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Doctors and Operators who often have to face clinical problems inherent to the Lower Female Genital Tract in general and the Vulva in particular.

The work is presented on Paper and on Video.

- On paper, because the written text and the still images express in detail certain concepts that allow you to pause to reflect and better observe the details, details that can sometimes escape!

- In Video, to see what has been described applied, to observe and understand how important or not the choice of a particular treatment is and the effectiveness of one tool over another.

Thanking you for your attention, it is our duty to report what was stated / described by Messrs. Authors. Particularly experienced authors who embrace the entire range of skills: from Pathology to Therapy, with references to New Physical Therapy Techniques.

"Through an accurate and systematic examination of the Anatomy, not only the morphological aspects were treated, but also the functional aspects with references to Vulvar Pathology, Functional and Aesthetic Surgery".

"A complete but essentially practical text: from diagnosis to therapy".
The text will take us by the hand and lead us step by step into the complex and articulated world of an organ that embodies the essence of women (PINK).

ISBN: 978-88-940770-63

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