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The “Decalogue of the Informed Physiotherapist

Come to know in order to know how to do it…

Monographic Series for the Informed Physiotherapist directed and coordinated by Giovanni Barassi

10 notebooks / practical tools to be kept on the work table by Sector Operators, presented on paper and video:

  • On paper, because the written text and the still images express in detail certain concepts that allow you to pause to reflect and better observe the details, details that, at times, can escape!
  • On video, to see what has been described applied, to observe and understand how important or not is the choice of a certain treatment and the effectiveness of one tool over another.
1. The Physiotherapist and the Multidisciplinary Team: Legal Aspects

2. The Physiotherapist and the Art of the Manual Approach
(by Giovanni Barassi)

3. The Physiotherapist and Diathermy and Laser Therapy

4. The Physiotherapist and Cardiac Surgery Rehabilitation

5. The Physiotherapist and Vascular and Soft Tissue Treatment

6. The Physiotherapist and the Functional Bandage

7. The Physiotherapist and the Hospital Intervention

8. The Physiotherapist and the Increase of Performance

9. The Physiotherapist and the Ultrasonography

10. The Physiotherapist and
Thermal Rehabilitation (CIT) (edited by Giovanni Barassi et Al.)

"The correct enhancement of the profession passes, first of all, through the proper classification of the same from a multidisciplinary point of view, in the context of the various aspects characterizing the Rehabilitation Team, and the Legal Aspects related to it.
In this field, it is essential to identify the dysfunctional areas that can be stimulated through Neuromuscular Manual Therapy, following a correct anamnestic and evaluative moment for identifying the myofascial area in maximum suffering.
Through the same principle of identification of dysfunctional areas, any alteration of the musculoskeletal system can be treated through the use of Evolved Physical Energies (such as Laser and Diathermy), following a careful evaluation and interpretation of the somatic tissue quality, often an expression of various alterations not only structural but also visceral and emotional.
It is precisely in this multidisciplinary perspective that the simplicity and focus of the techniques emerges also in the Hospital Rehabilitation, of Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery, and Extra-hospital, Vascular and of Soft Tissues, contexts in which functional limitations, the outcomes of surgery, sclerosis tissue and circulatory alterations can represent a major obstacle to the healing process.
In these contexts, the techniques of Functional and Kinesiological Bandage are interesting, as well as the techniques of Neuroproprioceptive Stimulation related to Physical Exercise in the context of Performance Increase. In these same situations, the right and correct use of tools such as the Ultrasonographer is essential for the Physiotherapist, not as a diagnostic tool, but as an integration to local tissue assessment and as a means of guiding certain manual and instrumental treatment methods.
Finally, all this shared, integrated and proven knowledge from a scientific point of view has allowed us to identify an Integrated Rehabilitation Approach in the Thermal Environment, where disability can be faced through the enhancement of the immense natural therapeutic scenario that "Nature" offers in specific spa environments.
The Decalogue wants to meet these needs, through a clear overview, in the form of Theoretical-Practical Notebooks on Paper and Video, inherent techniques and approaches clearly illustrated and highlighted, available to the Informed Physiotherapist, with the purpose of a "Constructive Sharing" and of a Promotion of the Italian Physiotherapeutic Culture aimed at the growth of the Profession".

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