Nicodemo Maggiulli Editor… 50 years after the Testut-Sobotta



The first three volumes of the Series “Anatomy by Districts” by skilled Italian Specialists, presented bilingual on paper and in video.

  • On paper, because the written text and the still images express in detail certain concepts that allow you to pause to reflect and better observe the details, details that, at times, can escape!

  • On video, to see what has been described applied, to observe and understand how important or not is the choice of a certain treatment and the effectiveness of one tool over another.
[...] Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Doctors, Aesthetic Dentists how can they inject a product, insert a needle or a cannula into the various areas of a face without having a thorough knowledge of anatomy, in particular of mimic muscles, vessels and nerves?
[...] Gynecologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Doctors and Operators, who often have to face clinical problems inherent to the Lower Female Genital Tract in general and in particular to the Vulva as they would behave without a thorough knowledge of Anatomy?


"Three complete, but essentially practical texts: from diagnosis to therapy" that you cannot miss in your library, since they can be purchased at the price of € 649.00 with a minimum monthly subscription of € 30 / 50.00, without bank charges, but with only the one-off shipping / delivery costs of € 20.00.

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